Two Tips To Help You Get A Good Deal When Renting A Truck For Long Distance Moves

Long distance moving can be an exciting, albeit somewhat stressful experience.  You're likely most concerned with making sure that all of your goods get safely to your new location.  That's why it's so helpful to rent a truck for long distance moves.  You can pack everything up on the truck so that you'll only have to make a single trip.  However, renting a truck for long distance moves can be quite pricey, and you may be looking for ways to make it more affordable.

Renting A Storage Unit? 2 Simple Tips To Keep Mice Out

If you're going to be renting a storage unit, you'll want to make sure that your belongings are protected against pest invasion – especially mice. An infestation of mice can ruin everything you have in storage, especially if they're allowed to remain in there long enough. Before you move your belongings into storage, take a few minutes to plan your defense against pest invasion. Here are three steps you can take to keep mice out of your storage unit.

Properly Preparing, Packing And Storing Your Porcelain Dolls

Porcelain dolls can be valuable, both monetarily and sentimentally. When the time comes to put your porcelain dolls away in storage, it is crucial that you prepare the dolls for storage and choose the right storage facility for them. Prepare the Dolls Cleaning the dolls is the first step of preparation. Storing dolls without properly cleaning them will result in discolored clothing, skin, hair and eyes. One quick method of cleaning your dolls is using a can of compressed air to blow the dust and dirt off of them.