Properly Preparing, Packing And Storing Your Porcelain Dolls

Porcelain dolls can be valuable, both monetarily and sentimentally. When the time comes to put your porcelain dolls away in storage, it is crucial that you prepare the dolls for storage and choose the right storage facility for them.

Prepare the Dolls

Cleaning the dolls is the first step of preparation. Storing dolls without properly cleaning them will result in discolored clothing, skin, hair and eyes. One quick method of cleaning your dolls is using a can of compressed air to blow the dust and dirt off of them. Dirt that won't blow off should be wiped off using a slightly dampened cloth with water. Let the dolls sit out and dry completely before you begin packing them. Packing dolls while they are damp will result in mold and mildew growth.

Now to pack the dolls, you will need acid-free tissue paper, clean knee-high nylon stockings, yarn, and boxes.

Your straight-haired dolls can be protected by sliding a knee-high nylon stocking over them. Start at the top of the head and carefully slide the stocking over the doll. This will help to keep her hair in perfect condition as she is stored. Wrap the doll loosely in the tissue paper to protect her from dust.

Dolls with curly hair or hats should be wrapped loosely with tissue paper. Use the yarn to bind the tissue paper and keep it from falling off as you move the doll around.

Now it's time to box the dolls up. If you don't have the original boxes, use individual boxes that are slightly larger than each doll. If you don't have individual boxes, you can store them together in a larger box by making dividers out of other boxes to keep the dolls in place and prevent them from bumping into each other and getting jostled around. Use crumbled tissue paper tucked in around each doll to keep them safely in place. Layer multiple dolls in one box by laying a piece of cardboard over the divider panels, and repeat the process for the next layer of dolls.

Store the Dolls

Your dolls won't do well in just any storage unit. The storage unit that you choose must be a climate-controlled unit. This will protect them from extreme heat, freezing temperatures and high humidity. Heat and humidity will cause the glue to fail and could ruin their clothing and hair. Cold temperatures could cause them to become more fragile and break very easily.

After you find a storage unit, make sure to store your boxes of dolls up off of the floor. Find a wood pallet or use a shelving unit to keep them at least six inches off of the ground to prevent moisture from wicking up into the box and destroying everything.

Take your time to prepare and pack your dolls and carefully choose a storage unit that will protect them until you are ready to retrieve them and display them once more. For more information about storage unit options, speak with a company like Access Self Storage.