Cut Down On Your Storage Unit Bill With These Three Simple Steps

Holding a garage sale is a simple solution to get rid of excess items in your home, but if you're the type of person who has trouble parting with your possessions, a garage sale might not be feasible. Instead, give some consideration to renting a storage unit at a self storage facility like Grand Central Storage. These facilities offer spaces of all sizes, allowing you to find a temporary home for the things you don't frequently need without getting rid of them entirely. If you're hesitant to rent a storage unit because of the monthly fee, there are several ways you can reduce the amount that you'll pay.

Lend What You Can

Even if you're not comfortable selling or giving away some of your seldom-used possessions, it can often be helpful to lend certain items to family members in need. Try to focus on lending large items, as these will save the most space in your storage unit. By lending furniture and other possessions, you'll reduce the volume of the load you need to store, which can allow you to rent a smaller unit that costs less money. The added benefit is that lending your items will also help those around you, whether it's giving a child's dresser to some new parents in your family or a bookshelf to a young person renting his or her first apartment.

Partner With A Friend

Many storage facilities structure their prices so that larger units are more cost-effective than those that are smaller. If you don't quite have enough possessions to warrant a larger unit, it can be worth reaching out to your friends to see if anyone has plans to rent a storage unit in the near future. Whether someone is moving, downsizing or storing unneeded items while serving in the military, you shouldn't have trouble finding a friend who can share your unit and the cost. Divide the space down the middle and you'll quickly find that your storage bill is just a fraction of what you expected to pay.

Pay In Advance

Renting a space at a storage facility affords you the luxury of storing your items for just a month or for several years. If you plan to use the unit for at least a year, ask the rental agent about the price reduction he or she can offer if you pay for the year's rental in advance. As long as you have the financial means to pay this lump sum at the start of your rental contract, it typically provides considerable savings.