Three Tips To Make You Feel Comfortable Behind The Wheel Of A U-Haul Truck

Renting a U-Haul truck (from a local outlet such as Upland Stor King Property) for your move makes the logistical challenges of the day remarkably easier. When you get behind the wheel of the truck, however, it can feel a little intimidating, especially if you're used to driving a car. There's no reason to fret. Driving a U-Haul certainly requires a little more concentration than driving your car, but it's easy to get the hang of your new set of wheels in a short amount of time. Before you turn the ignition key, here are three tips to help you have a safe journey.  

Make The Mirrors Your Ally

Arguably the biggest challenge to driving a cube van or truck is the lack of a windshield-mounted rear-view mirror. Although you might find yourself habitually glancing toward the mirror's customary position, it's better to make a habit of using your side mirrors more frequently. It's a good habit to form, given that you won't be able to check blind spots by looking through the rear window as you do while driving a car. Be sure to adjust your U-Haul's side mirrors properly; an effective strategy is to sit in the truck with the windows down and have a friend or family member adjust the mirrors as per your instructions. The vibration of a heavy truck can occasionally knock your mirrors slightly of position after a long ride. Always check the position of your mirrors when you're stopped.

Give Yourself Extra Braking Distance

U-Haul vans and trucks are much heavier than your family vehicle, which means they require a longer distance to stop safely. Always give yourself extra braking distance -- the last thing you need is screeching to a halt and damaging your items. Expect to take longer to stop when the truck is loaded, as a fully-loaded U-Haul can handle thousands of pounds. Ensure that you give yourself even more extra braking distance if you're driving in the rain.

Don't Back Up Alone

When you're driving your car, it's easy to back into your garage or a narrow parking space without much hesitation. Don't take this same approach when you're behind the wheel of your U-Haul. Although the mirrors will help you back up safely, it's best to always have someone help to guide you into position. Ask whoever is riding shotgun to hop out, stand at a safe distance behind you and make hand movements that are visible in your mirrors. Many U-Haul side mirrors have two sections; you can keep an eye on the person helping you with one mirror and take stock of any potential obstacles behind you with the other.