Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind? When It Might Be Time To Reassess Your Storage Needs

If you have had items in storage for a long time, your needs may have shifted. It is a good idea to periodically reassess your storage needs to make sure that you are using your unit to its full potential. Here are four times it is a good idea to reassess your storage unit needs.

1. If You Have Permanently Relocated

You may have packed up your belongings in a storage facility and moved elsewhere in search of a new job. If you were successful and now are established in a new town, don't forget about your items in storage units. It is a good idea to either incorporate these into your life or move these and store nearby so that you can access your items when you need them.

2. If You Haven't Accessed Your Items in Over a Year

If you have taken the mantra 'out of sight, out of mind' to heart when it comes to storage, you aren't doing yourself any favors. It is a good idea if you haven't checked on your storage items in a long time to reassess and reorganize. If you can get rid of some items, you might be able to downsize to a smaller storage unit and save on costs.

3. If Storage Items Aren't Yours

If you put your late parent's items in storage when they passed away because you had too much to deal with, now might be a good time to revisit. Sorting through heirlooms and deciding what to keep is important. You might be able to sell or donate some items. Let go and say goodbye to items that you couldn't deal with earlier.

4. If You've Moved Into a Bigger Space

If you have moved into a bigger home, don't just run out and start buying new things when you have perfectly good housewares in storage. Make sure to reassess what you already have so that you can incorporate your old items back into your life. If you will be renovating or making interior design decisions, you can use your storage unit as a staging area for items while redecorating.

Storage spaces should be an accessible and functional. If you are holding on to things without giving them a second chance, you will be wasting money on your storage facility rental. Make some time in your busy schedule to reassess your items in storage and see if you can make this space more efficient.