2 Storage Unit Features That Might Improve Your Experience

When you start looking for a storage unit, you might zero in on just about any space that looks large enough for your things. As storage unit managers discuss the latest features, you might wonder how they could benefit you—especially if you are a first time renter. However, these two storage unit features might improve your experience:

1: Automated Storage Doors

Nothing is worse than arriving at the storage facility to fill out move-in paperwork, only to realize that you forgot to bring a lock and key. If the facility doesn't have any for sale in the front office, you might be faced with making an impromptu trip to the hardware store before you can start moving.

However, some facilities offer automated storage doors to make your unit easier to access and to improve security. By simply entering a custom code at the front gate and your storage unit, you can access your things without toting around another random key. Also, since your unit code is tied to your gate code, your door won't open for random strangers trying to access your things. If anyone tries to open a door that isn't theirs, it will send an alert to storage managers who can investigate the situation.  

If you want to make visiting your storage unit easier and you don't like worrying about unit security, call around until you find a facility with automated doors.

2: Online Payments

How would you like to visit the storage facility in person or take the time to mail a check every time you need to pay your monthly rent? Although it might seem like an antiquated way to do business, some older storage businesses simply aren't online. Unfortunately, this might make it impossible to pay your storage rent along with all of your other expenses, which might make it easy to fall behind.

To avoid late fees and auction proceedings, take the time to look at the website along with the actual storage facility and unit. You might be able to save boatloads of time paying bills, reporting problems, and signing paperwork.

Before you visit storage units in person, take the time to call each facility to ask about their features. Ask storage managers what sets their facility apart and why you should choose them over the business down the street. By giving managers the opportunity to talk about their storage facility, you might be able to learn about other helpful features that can make your life a little easier.