Top 3 Reasons To Use Piano Storage

Do you own a piano and are planning on moving to a new home soon? Have you recently inherited a beloved family piano from your parents or grandparents? Here are some reasons to consider using piano storage:

You don't know where it'll go: If you've inherited a piano from a family member, your home probably wasn't set up to center around a piano. If you've owned a piano for a while, but are moving to a new house, you probably haven't decided exactly which room will be best for the piano. Pianos are large and heavy, making it difficult to move them if you decide your piano would be better suited elsewhere. Instead of awkwardly shuffling your furniture around, use piano storage to decide where the piano should go. While the piano is in storage, stack several large cardboard boxes into roughly the same size and shape as the piano. Place this stack where you think the piano belongs in your home. If the boxes are in your way, the piano will also be in your way. Keep moving your cardboard "piano" around your home until you find the perfect place. Keep the boxes there for at least a week or two, to make sure that the spot is suitable, before getting your piano out of storage.

Keep the piano safe: If you have young children, you may want to consider using piano storage until your kids are grown up a little. They should be old enough to know that they shouldn't try to keep the family pet in the back of the piano or use the keyboard area as a place to store their peanut butter sandwiches. If you don't have kids but are moving, you may still want to consider using storage to keep your piano safe. Moving can be a hectic time and you probably don't want a piano in the way as you try to sort your belongings and furniture into their correct rooms. Once the last boxes are unpacked, you can have your piano moved out of storage and into its place of honor.

Sell your piano: Not everyone needs or even wants a piano. You may be downsizing to a smaller home or your inheritance may have been an unwanted gift. Whatever your reasons, piano storage can be a good way to sell your piano if you're worried about your privacy. Instead of having strangers come over to your house to see the piano, you'll be able to meet them safely at the storage location. By doing this, both you and your potential buyer can feel safer about the whole transaction.