Unique Ways To Use Storage Units

Most people think of moving when they think of storage units, but there are a lot more reasons to get one. As a homeowner, whether you are trying to get organized or you have a specific need in mind, consider one of the options below that could make your life a bit easier.

Start a Business

A storage unit is a great tool to use when you want to start a business. Since many of them come with electric, you may even be able to take care of some of the production details inside the unit. Otherwise, you might just use it to store materials and equipment until you get your own building set up. As an added bonus, you won't have to calculate tax reductions based on the square footage of your home because you can just claim the unit instead.

Support a Hobby

Hobbies can take up a lot of room. You don't want to avoid actively being involved in a hobby just because you don't have the extra space in your home. Below are just some of the hobbies you can use your storage unit for.

  • Crafting: Any kind of crafting that requires an extensive amount of supplies. Instead of keeping them all at home, just take out what you need, as you need it for whatever project you're working on.
  • Live Action Role Play (LARP): If you attend a lot of LARP events, and especially if you camp out at them, you might appreciate being able to keep all of your supplies in one place. Use a portable clothing rack to hang your costumes on. Use tubs to hold your weapons, or build a pegboard wall where you can display them. Keep LARP-specific camping supplies here as well.
  • Weight Lifting: Weight lifting can take up tons of space and may even require specific flooring, like concrete. You can set up your own gym so you get out of the house, but get to work out in private. Ask fellow work out buddies to pitch in on the cost of the unit if this is an issue.

There can be a lot of issues involved in building additions or buildings on your own land. Permits, tools, and supplies are all something you would have to think about. Instead of building on, it might be much easier, financially smarter, and more convenient to just rent a unit to keep your supplies in. To learn more about storage units, contact Koch St Mini Storage.