Moving In With A Significant Other? Get A Storage Unit And Don't Ditch Your Stuff

So you are making the transition of moving in with your significant other into an apartment or small space, but you don't want to get rid of your stuff. The easiest and most practical option is to get a self storage unit. This allows you to keep all of the items you don't have room for and to blend your households with ease.

There are a few major reasons you can benefit from getting a self storage unit in the excitement of your new living arrangement and progression in your relationship.

You May Need the Items

If you have appliances and furniture, or other household items that don't fit in the space, you don't want to get rid of them right away. You may want those items in the future if you move into a bigger space and you end up having room for them. And, while you don't want to think about it, if living together or your relationship doesn't work out, you might want those things back for when you're on your own again. You want to be prepared for the best and the worst case scenarios.

You Can Easily Store Seasonal Belongings

Items that you only use seasonally; like grills, patio furniture, bikes, or snowboarding equipment; can take up a lot of room in your space. This is especially true if you don't have a garage or storage space. You can take the items you don't use year-round and put them into the storage unit until you can use them for specific seasons or holidays. 

You Have Constant Access

If you ask your parents or a friend to store all of your items, you may have to wait until they are home to get things that you need, and you may end up inconveniencing them. With a storage unit, you can have access to all of the items around the clock, and you don't have to worry about getting in and out.

Find a storage facility around you that has a surveillance system and possibly a gated entry for security reasons. A storage company that has cylinder locks on the doors, instead of padlocks that are simply removed with bolt cutters, is ideal. If the company is offering storage insurance and it isn't available with your renter's insurance policy, get it to protect your items. Moving in with your significant other is a great life experience, but don't get rid of your belongings prematurely.